7 Ways to Spark Up Your Workspace

7 Ways to Spark Up Your Workspace

By Vanessa Palencia

Sometimes going to work seems harder than the week before. We'll find ourselves dragging our feet out of bed and miraculously arriving to our seat despite the mid-morning traffic. Now while we can't grant you automatic two weeks' paid vacation (if we could, we totally would!), we can show you how you can spark up your workspace to create your own little escape amidst the dredging office environment. Check out some ideas below!

1. Aesthetic Plants

Whether you want a low-maintenance plant or an instagrammable plant, plants can help clean out the air in your area and make your workspace a lot more inviting to work in. They also bring a piece of nature indoors when you're working on your computer all day long.

2. Beautiful Mugs

Work can sometimes be a very rigid place, and it can be difficult to express our creativity and personality. That’s where coffee mugs come in. Find a coffee mug (or two...or three…) that just lights you up. You’ll get excited just thinking about filling up that mug at work. Plus, it's just more fun drinking out of a pretty cup than a boring travel mug or a simple company one.

3. Decorative Pillows

This can be used to make your desk chair either more inviting or more comfortable, or both! I’m a huge fan of Target’s decorative pillows, but the choice is yours.

4. Quirky Stationery

Wouldn’t you rather take down your meeting notes or to-do list on a brighter, charming notepad than a monotonous college-ruled one? Just a thought.   

5. Inspirational Quotes

Having some inspirational quotes staring back at you during a stressful event or on a day you’d rather be in bed can really help turn your day around. Take a few of your favorite quotes and frame them, and you’ll have some simple, yet totally inspirational pieces of art!

6. Colors

This can mean color-coding your calendar or using your favorite colored pen to write down reminders. Adding some more colors in your workspace can help brighten up the area and attract more positive energy. Who knows, maybe you’ll be so high off of vibrant energy that you’ll think up a bright idea!

7. Organization

Unless you’re one of those artsy-fartsy types that thrive off of a beautifully chaotic workspace, an organized desk can help you feel energized and ready to tackle any projects waiting for you.


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