What We're Listening to This Month: November

What We're Listening to This Month: November

By Polarity Staff

Not to alarm anyone, but we are officially in Thanksgiving month! This year has just flown by, but if you need to slow down for bit, take some time to check out our latest installment of must-listen music!


  1. Still Young - Leisure Club
    This groovy indie synth song about the fleeting magic of young love will have you dancing and reminiscing about long summer nights.

  2. Dream - Bishop Briggs
    Bishop Briggs knows exactly how to make hits, that’s something that can’t be denied. This love song is hard, raw, and will stay in your head for days.

  3. She’s Everything - Brad Paisley
    Shoutout to my fellow Polarity founder, Elizabeth, for showing me this heartbreakingly romantic love song. Warning, don’t listen to this if you’re already sad and lonely! It’ll only make you miss your ex more.

  4. Sit Next to Me - Foster the People
    Foster the People was the first concert I ever went to wayyy back when I was still a youngin’ (read 17 years old). They’ll always hold a special place in my heart, and this song about the one that got away has given me a newfound appreciation for them.

  5. Shot at the Night - The Killers
    A music list by me will never be complete without something from The Killers. Brandon Flowers shows his versatility with this rock ballad about taking chances and one-in-a-lifetime moments.


  1. Always Ascending - Franz Ferdinand
    Franz Ferdinand is back, and I’m so looking forward to seeing them live next May (insert excited shriek). This song required a few listens before I became hooked. Their new album will be here February 2018, so if you love addicting guitar riffs and Scotsmen, it’s a must.

  2. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
    A beautiful classic that I forgot excited. If you were a teen in the 90s (I wasn’t), you probably got sick of this song, but I’m sure you also have some lovely memories to go with it...or maybe not. Either way, this song makes me want to twirl around in a dress and I don’t know why.

  3. Giver - K. Flay
    If you still haven’t had a chance to listen to this woman, do it! Her voice is amazing. Her lyrics, relatable. This is her newest single, and I can’t get enough of it.

  4. Miss Atomic Bomb - The Killers
    A few years ago, I didn’t really consider this song one of my top favorites. Now that I’ve matured and gone through sh*t, my eyes sweat whenever I listen to it. Brandon, you sing from the soul, and I listen to whatever you have to say.

  5. Black Out Days - Phantogram
    Thanks to my friend Shawn for getting this song stuck in my head. It’s a great song, very catchy. Stay-ay ay ay ya away-ay ya, away-ay ya!


  1. Gorgeous- Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift certainly has a way of creating super catchy songs. From the little girl's voice at the beginning to the super dramatic “sink and drown and die” lyric line, you'll soon be singing this song to your crush in the hallway or leaving little notes with these lines.

  2. Perfect- Ed Sheeran
    Look no further for the perfect love song this season. Like always, Ed delivers a most sincere and heartfelt piece with a lovely melody that has you wanting to slow-dance with your partner in your living room and remember all the reasons you fell in love with them.

  3. Havana- Camila Cabello
    As soon as I heard the whole “Havana ooh-na-na" line, I knew I was going to be hooked. I've never been to Havana, but this song gives me Dirty Dancing vibes and makes me want to go Latin dancing. So I guess this qualifies as both a dance club and love-making song.

  4. Smoke and Mirrors- Demi Lovato
    The combination of the lyrics and Demi’s voice sends chills down your spine. She sings of heartbreak in a way that makes you want to sit out under the moonlight and contemplate why you had to go through all that pain.

  5. Just Like You- Louis Tomlinson
    This song is so mellow, catchy, and relatable. Louis wrote this song from his own life experience and sings about how he's just like us, troubles and all. Totally a pick-me-up song if you ever feel frustrated that no one understands you or feel underappreciated.


  1. Broken Clocks - SZA
    I love how relatable this song is. The beginning speaks of wasted time with a lover and ends with the lover wanting back in but SZA refuses to give into the temptation.

  2. The Line - dvsn
    This one always gets me and I’m not too sure why. It is, however, a beautiful song about defining a relationship, and choosing a side of the line that needs to be drawn.

  3. Blind - Tamar Braxton
    I really like this song mostly because of the lyrics. There aren’t very many instruments playing in the background, so we get to appreciate the passion in Tamar Braxton’s voice.

  4. Before I do - Sevyn Streeter
    Her voice is just beautiful and the beat gives me an oldies vibe. The lyrics are extremely relatable when it comes to dating and choosing to be vulnerable.

  5. Sky Walker - Miguel  
    I’m honestly in love with this partly because of the chorus, specifically the part that says “But don't wait to jump in too long”. If you’ve heard it, you’ll get me.              


  1. Homemade Dynamite Remix- Lorde, Khalid, Post Malone, SZA
    This song has been on repeat for a few days now and I genuinely still enjoy it every time. The fluidity of their harmony is difficult to describe, but incredible.

  2. Wolves- Selena Gomez
    This is a song I’d usually skip because bits of the lyrics and beat are too melancholy for me to handle but it’s too good to ignore so I just sink into it. It’s definitely a song you can’t help but to sing along to.

  3. You See Me- Childish Gambino
    This is probably my favorite track from Childish Gambino. The beat is really strong but he manages to come in with lyrics that are even fiercer than the beat. As per usual, he delivers very tongue-in-cheek wordplay.

  4. Help Me Out- Maroon 5
    This one just popped up on a spotify playlist and Adam Levine’s voice stuck out to me. If you’re going through a tough time, singing/pleading “help me out” is pretty cathartic.

  5. Too Good at Goodbyes- Sam Smith
    I resisted this one for a while for the same reasons as I did Selena’s, but I gave in and I don’t regret it. The sentiment is both devastating and relatable.

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