She Talks About Him Like He Put the Stars in the Sky

She Talks About Him Like He Put the Stars in the Sky

By Isabella Piper

There comes a day where you decide to slowly move on. You let the memories of the people whom you loved in the past reconcile in your dreams. They slowly disappear from your life and your thoughts, leaving you with only yourself. You soon venture out into the universe in search of somebody that makes your life light up in a way it never had before.

This timeline for me was months upon months. I was in desperate need of somebody to pay me the love I thought I deserved. Of course as stubborn as I come off, that person never seemed to appear in the moments that I was most desperate. I was in need of somebody that would explore my soul, not my body. I wanted to be loved and appreciated for what and who I truly was. I wanted somebody that found the night sky in my eyes. Somebody that would take their personal time to figure out the quirks that make me who I am  as a person. Somebody to discuss the wild and random thoughts that bounced around in my head as I lay sleepless at 3 a.m. I craved somebody that was adventurous; someone that would traverse the world with me if I asked.

The higher your standards become, the harder it becomes to fill the deep void in your heart as the thoughts of the perfect partner consume you. The longer I waited, the more I realized the person that I was seeking out to find would take time and patience.

The person whom you are seeking will come with time. I know, because I found that person.

You will find the one who will stay up until 3 a.m  just to make sure your smile is not lost within your dismantled thoughts and wonders. You will realize upon the arrival of your significant other that your time alone was the time that you needed to fix the wounds that were in your heart.

This is not done by any lover, but by your own mind, body, and soul.

This person won't fix you, but instead complement the beautiful mess that makes you a human being. They will accept your flaws and love you for your personality and appearance. You will start to see that all of the built up mistakes of your past led you straight down this path and they all happened in such a way so that the right person could find you at the right time.

They will drive hours to just bring that sparkle into your eyes that could light up the night sky. They will learn that you only drink your coffee with two creamers and two sugars. They will adorably sing all of your cherished favorite songs.  They will take all of your flaws into consideration. Trust me, they will put them all aside just to be with you. They will cherish everything that makes you the person you are.

You see, many people face the consequence of starting over with love many different times in their life. But, this one won't be like any other person you have ever encountered. They will grace your life with such a presence that it will send the flames in your heart racing; as they fix up all the bullet wounds that destroyed your former self.

That's what he did for me.

The storms that surpassed me in memories were now beautiful turquoise skies. I didn't hurt anymore. The roses that embellished my heart and soul, dead and diminished, were now the most gorgeous garden I had ever seen. Bright and alluring, surrounding every aspect in my life. He gave me life again. A life that I want to live forever.

Now, I want to cherish every passing second with him. Even though we live completely separate lives, with different realities, we have found time to collide within our passing hours. I find myself getting lost every time we are together. Lost in the thought of what we are. Lost in the thought of what we will be.

Will we always be together?

Only time can tell. But, I wouldn't want it to be any other way than discovering life with him right now.

I have never enjoyed somebody's company so much. We can talk forever, and never run out of things to say. He makes me laugh. We now share coffee every Saturday and ponder over deep thoughts on politics, religion, and much more. The more I pick apart his brain, the more I realize he is one of a kind.

Our souls matched up as if they were made to collide at the exact moment that it did. The moment we both needed each other the most. I never want this feeling to end. A void in my heart is filled with such love, a love that is real. I will continue to get lost in the galaxies that I’ve found in his eyes. He has made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. He makes me laugh and smile. He is always there to support me in everything I do. I will forever cherish this happiness he gives me. I will never let him go.

I will, because he completes me.

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