How to Create Your Dream Workspace

How to Create Your Dream Workspace

By Kimmery Moss

Hello again, friends!

So, the reality of life is that most of us work.
The reality of the present day is that most of us work at a desk.
The unfortunate reality is that some people hate that... but they don't have to!

If you create a workspace that is catered to your unique needs and desires, you can find yourself enjoying the time you spend at your desk.

Whether you are a writer (like me), working in a corporate office, or working at a desk in some other capacity, you can find yourself at ease by creating a special space for yourself.

Here's how I created my dream workspace...

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

Step 1: DREAM

Easy, right? Get a pad of paper and a pen or have a seat on your favorite meditation pillow and cook up some thoughts about what you want or need in your space.

Answer questions like...

1.    What do I need in my space to be efficient?

2.    What is my body language in this space? (Think: sitting, standing, a comfy chair, a rigid chair,    a medicine ball, etc.)

3.    What is the ideal surface for me to work on? (a single desk, an easel, a desk with drawers, shelving units, etc.)

4.    What kinds of things bring me peace and joy?

5.    What ideas or quotes may I infuse into my space that can motivate me?

DREAM BIG HERE. This is your space. Be as weird or unique as you want to me... especially if you are designing a home office. No one will ever see or judge you, and you'll be so much more productive because you chose things you really love.

For example, I wanted a place to read and meditate in my office. If I'm writing a lot, I'll need to be reading a lot too, and I didn't have a comfy place to do so. I decided to include a couch in my dream office, and guess what? I bargain shopped a great one from Mathis Bros. Furniture!

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

If you do work in a corporate office, you probably won't be putting up shelving, but you can still spruce up your workspace!

Think: things that help with productivity and things that bring you joy.

Jot those things down once you've decided on them.

Step 2: Get ideas for HOW to make what you want and need

Yup, folks! This is the fun part.

Hit the interwebs and search for workspaces that already exist that you can steal ideas from.
If your list grows longer here, good.
If you cross out some of your original ideas because you get better ones, awesome.

Don't know where to start? Personally, I love Pinterest, Houzz, and Architectural Digest for all ideas home-related. Oh yeah, you'll be bookmarking these pages to come back to time and time again on all your home projects and space makeovers.

You can explore my Pinterest boards for my writing room, my kitchen, and my home to get started if you'd like!

As you can see, I got a litttttle carried away with workspaces and set myself up with two very different ones. If I need seclusion, I can retreat to the office (photo above) and if I want a big spacious room with a lot of natural light, I can come to the main room.

Here's my workspace in the main room...

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

Step 3: Find the objects you need

This is where all your favorite stores come in handy.
Personally, I spent a great deal of time at Home Depot, Anthropologie, Target, World Market, Amazon, and Pottery Barn.

Also, think about family heirlooms and other important furniture. This desk was passed down to me from my parents. It's pretty special having a family desk from another generation.

Save Time Tip: Buy online. Just don't forget to take proper measurements beforehand and carefully read all the dimensions before purchasing.

Save Money Tip: If you have the luxury of time, shop around online to several different stores. If you have the luxury of a lot of time then wait for end-of-season sales.

I built my dream office space over the course of a whole summer.

I wanted to get the best deals possible AND be sure that I wanted what I really wanted.
I allowed things to go "out of season" and asked myself if that expensive rug or fancy shelving unit was really what I needed and wanted or if it was just a fad. This choice made me very happy in the long run.

Step 4: Put it all Together!

Get those power tools and get to work!

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

Please consult YouTube if you do not know how to work your tools safely, or ask a friend to help.
I (shockingly) put my entire office up without any help from my husband! Seriously, I was so proud of myself. He was pretty proud too.

Note: See how in my photo I have a PIPE as my rod for holding buckets and a HUGE GRATE as my "bulletin board." Oh, and there are all those floating shelves too. I did not choose the easiest path, but I got it done.

Guys, I majored in ENGLISH. If I can do it, you can do it, too.

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

Step 5: Spruce it UP!

This is also a very fun part, in my opinion. Here's where you can add a little flavor and personality to your space.

Personally, I like candles, motivational quotes, family photos, plants, and cute pieces that add value and also an aesthetics to your space.

Here's what I did...

Candles: Capri Blue Candles (they ain't cheap but they last forever and smell delectable)

Plants: Indoor plants are GREAT. They clean the air in your home and also have a de-stressing effect on your psyche. I have both trees and cacti inside my home. Find some good ideas for indoor plants here.

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

Quotes: I always choose things I aspire to that have to do with gratitude, working hard, and finding peace.

Useful Objects & Decor Items:
I have a gratitude jar. I just bought a $7 jar from World Market that I fill with little things I'm thankful for each morning. My goal is to till my jar eventually, and on bad days, reach into it to remind myself of how fortunate I really am. Just get a sharpie and a few pre-cut slivers of paper nearby if you want to start this daily ritual too. It's a nice decor piece with real meaning.

I have a lazy susan pen/pencil holder and a mail organizer that are functional for my needs and fit with my "vibe."

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

Courtesy of Kimmery Moss, 2017

I also added in my typewriter, some task lamps, and wall art that brings me joy and works with my overall room layout.

Step 6: ENJOY! ...and then get to work.

Seriously, enjoy it.

I found that it helped me want to sit at my desk if I created a space that felt like I belonged there.
Of course, you can hire someone to do this for you, but it's a tad more rewarding to do it yourself.



See more of my workspace shots at @KimmeryMossWriter.
You can also check out what I'm reading along with some of my most recent poetry there too.


Corner Shelves - Target
Gold Desk Lamp - Target
White Desk Set & White Chair - Pottery Barn
Lazy Susan Pen Holder & Main Organizer - Pottery Barn
Wooden Task Lamp - Pottery Barn (they only have a floor lamp version now)
Couch - Mathis Brothers
Easel - Michael's
CREATE Letters - Michael's
Frames - Aaron Brothers
Blue Throw Blanket - Anthropologie
Capri Blue Candles - Anthropologie
Plants - Louie's Nursery, Riverside CA
Fake Cacti Plants - Marshall's
Green Gratitude Jar - World Market
White Desk Chair - World Market
Blue/White Couch Pouf -World Market

Editor's Note: For more excellent posts from Kimmery, check out her awesome website! Find Kimmery on Instagram at @KimmeryMossWriter to read her poetry and stay up to date with her work.


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