10 Daily Affirmations to Believe in Yourself

10 Daily Affirmations to Believe in Yourself

By Vanessa Palencia

New Year’s Day will be here sooner than you think, and many of us are making New Year’s Resolutions that we swear we’re going to stick to this time around, but we’ve heard it all before. Life happens, things come up, we get distracted, and the list goes on. But sometimes those excuses become just that, excuses. When that happens, you have to ask yourself whether you really want to achieve those goals or not. If you do, then maybe you need to reevaluate your belief system.

Do you believe in yourself? Like truly, madly, deeply believe in yourself? Because you can’t go chasing those dreams and goals when your belief system is weak and your outlook on life is bleak. Life’s distractions aren’t always to blame, sometimes you get in the way of yourself. Whatever your goals are for the new year, you have to create a better version of yourself to accomplish them. You have to work from the inside out and there’s no better way of doing this than through daily affirmations.

I’ve always heard about daily affirmations but I never really believed the power it held. I thought I would look stupid if I stood in front of the mirror and told myself that I love everything about my body and that I can go forth and conquer. For that reason, I never thought much more about daily affirmations until about two weeks ago when I came to a point in my life where I was desperate to reaffirm everything about myself. Since then, I have noticed a huge improvement in my life. On occasion, negativity will set in, but through reciting positive affirmations, I’ve been able to bounce back quicker and experience more uplifting days than I have before.   

So consider this a challenge.  

It takes two weeks to build a habit, so I’m challenging you to repeat these affirmations daily for two weeks. Two weeks to build a better, stronger mindset that can truly help you conquer all that you set your mind to.

Are you in? Good, let's begin. Repeat after me.

  1. I choose to be happy

  2. I have everything I need

  3. I am ready for anything

  4. I always find a way to succeed

  5. I believe that I can achieve anything I want

  6. I trust that I make the right choices everyday

  7. I have what it takes to be successful

  8. I know that my life is getting better

  9. I know that I am strong

  10. I find it easy to pursue my goals with confidence

Do this at least twice a day, preferably as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed. It really will do wonders!

Comment below when you've finished the two-week challenge and let me know how it went!

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