How You Can Give This Holiday Season

How You Can Give This Holiday Season

By Elizabeth Barrera

Once Thanksgiving is over and Christmas time comes around, life suddenly becomes all about giving, especially during Christmas, when all we can think about is the endless list of people for whom we need gifts. Some of us are blessed to get our loved ones the gifts at the very top of their wish list, others not so much. During this beautiful time of giving, I’d like to remind you all that giving doesn’t necessarily mean you gift someone with something of immense monetary value, or even tangible. Most of the best gifts we can give someone are those driven by memories, emotions, and appreciation. So rather than sulking in the inability of purchasing your parents the new TV they’ve been wanting, or being upset because you couldn’t get your boyfriend the Burberry sunglasses he asked for, think about the different ways in which you can bring a smile to their faces without spending a dime.

Giving to Loved Ones

Those you love will appreciate any gift you give them, especially if it’s thoughtful and coming from your heart. Nobody will care how expensive the gift - it really is the thought that counts. Here are a few things inexpensive gift ideas for your loved ones:

  1. Write a letter to those you love and appreciate.

  2. Perform kind acts of service for others.

  3. Be more affectionate.

  4. Put together a scrapbook of your memories with your significant other.

  5. Plan a romantic night in for you and your significant other.

Giving to the Community

Donating our time and effort to our community is one of the best ways of giving back. Not only will we be making countless others feel good during this holiday season, but we will be making an a positive influence on the younger generations. Here are some ideas of giving back to your community below:

  1. Sponsor a family in need.

  2. Plan an event for the elderly at a retirement home.

  3. Visit chronically ill children at your local hospital.

  4. Make goodie bags for the homeless.

  5. Feed the poor/serve food at a local facility.

Take some time this holiday season to really think about how you can make someone else happy without purchasing expensive gifts for them, because in reality, those gifts are easy to hand out. Meaningful gifts, however, those that come from our hearts are the most intimate gifts we can give another person. Giving back to our community, is another beautiful things we can do.

So next time you’re tempted to go for the easier route, think of how you can put a smile on someone’s face without spending a cent.

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