A Beautiful New Life

A Beautiful New Life

By Ilene Arevalo


She got out of a country because it
was at war.

The university she attended
was bombed by soldiers
who were led by the government
and gueros trying to fight
against them.  

The assassination of Father
Oscar Romero urged
the poor to flee from the
country, so she did.   

She had the strength
to go through a border
swim through a river and crawl in dirt.

she was found at night
with her little brother
hiding in a hole.

The white workers
with yellow badges taped
on their shoulders found them
in the freezing cold.  

They were left by the Coyote
too careless to help them.

The guy with buck teeth, and spinach
in his mouth asked for her immigration papers.
She responded with silence.

The silence made it awkward
for all of them in the room.

Her pulse was high
her heartbeat was too.  

She only had
six pennies
an empty can of coke-a-cola
a piece of paper in her
pocket with a phone number in it.  

The scary man asked why
She wanted to go to the
United States

She said, “Guerra y
injusticia social.”

The man asked where
she was from.

“El Salvador,”she said.  

Another white man said,
“If she gets sent back
she is going to die.”

She was frightened, terrified,
and deprived,
only she knew what it
was like back home.


The man asked her little brother
why he wanted to come to

He said, “Si me consiguen,
tengo que luchar con mi gente.
Consiguen a muchachos de nueve años
en el ejército y
violan a las niñas de
mi edad.”

The two white men
Look at each other
then look at the ground.


The man with buck teeth asks
her If she knew anyone in

Her mom is a U.S Citizen
waiting for her.

The man said,
Call your Mama.
She knew her life  would change
once she made
that phone call.

The two men could have
sent her back
to her native land.

they didn’t

She got out
the piece of paper
with a phone number
in it and she
knew that her life
would change forever.   

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