10 Reasons to (Re)Watch The OC

10 Reasons to (Re)Watch The OC

By Alisha Dhillon and Courtney Hollinson


So it’s finally spring, but don’t you wish it was summer? Well, expedite things by plopping on your couch and putting on The OC.

If (for some strange reason) you aren’t convinced yet, check out the list below that is sure to compel you to get started on your (re)watch!

1. Seth Cohen! Let’s face it, Seth Cohen IS The OC. It’s as simple as that. He made it cool to be socially awkward and for that, we will always love him. He also basically invented sarcasm. It’s difficult to imagine Adam Brody playing any character other than Seth Cohen. (Apparently casting directors share this sentiment since Brody has had scarce involvement in other projects.)

2. The Shipworthy Couples! You will absolutely fall in love with at least one couple on this show. Whether it’s the star-crossed, tumultuous romance between Ryan and Marissa (blech) or the sweet, destined love of Seth and Summer (goals AF).

3. The Ultimate Bromance! Ryan and Seth. The apparent bad boy/outsider + lonely outcast = a lifelong friendship/brotherhood.



4. Summer Roberts! There has yet to be a character on TV quite like Summer since The OC. She is wonderfully unapologetic and unique in that she suffers from rage blackouts, is super sassy, and could totally take Seth Cohen in a fight. Plus she talks to herself in front of people and then chastises them for interrupting, it’s amazing.

5. Love Triangles! A classic component of teen shows is the addicting love affairs of the main characters. There might be some great new TV shows out there, but The OC is OG. Whether it’s Summer+Seth+Anna or Marissa+Ryan+Teresa, there’s no shortage of love triangles in The OC


6. The Parents! Unlike many teen shows, The OC actually features realistic and interesting parents. Now that we’re in our early twenties, Sandy and Kirsten’s marital and professional issues are more relatable/understandable. It’s almost like we’re watching a whole new show this time around. Another huge plus is that the Cohens are actually terrific parents to Seth and Ryan and you can learn a lot from how they deal with the teen angst that so often arises in The OC.

7. The Soundtrack! Caaaaalifoooornia, here we come! Phantom Planet’s “California” will get you so amped for the day, summer, and really just life in general. Not to mention the life changing, nostalgia-inducing performances from the best bands of the early 2000s (i.e. The Killers, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, Rooney, etc.)

8. Chrismukkuh! Seth’s adorkable creation of his own super holiday is one of the show’s most notable highlights. Despite being neither Jewish nor Christian, Chrismakkuh has become the most important holiday of the year for us thanks to Seth Cohen.



9. Sandy Cohen’s Eyebrows! You think your eyebrows are fleeky? Wait ‘til you see Sandy Cohen’s. His eyebrows, sarcasm, and perfect parenting are unparalleled.


10. Marissa Cooper’s Alcoholism! She is likely the most controversial character of the core four due to her erratic behavior throughout the series. She is absurdly beautiful, but her perfect bone structure can’t keep her from becoming a total trainwreck. Her fall from grace, despite all of her potential and resources is oddly satisfying to witness.

P.S. For all the Gossip Girl fans: Blair Warldorf and Seth Cohen, are married. MARRIED. Not sure how Adam Brody was able to win over the baddest bitch on the Upper East Side? Get to know Seth Cohen for yourself by watching The OC. We dare you not to fall in love with him (You can spend the rest of your life comparing the mediocre guys you meet to a fictional character.)

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Please Don't Settle