Hangover Thoughts We’ve All Had at Different Ages

Hangover Thoughts We’ve All Had at Different Ages

By Elizabeth Barrera

Remember the days when you could drink as much as you want and wake up the next morning feeling nothing but hunger? Yeah, we do too. Long gone are those good ol' times. Now as each year goes by, every hangover only seems to get worse. Just to bring back some memories, here's a refresher on how you've felt the next day after drinking:

At 18: What’s a hangover? I don’t even drink ;).

Your soul and body were blessed, lucky you. These were the best days to drink because the next day felt like any other day.


At 21: Nothing a Gatorade and food can’t fix.

No sleep, no problem. Drink a gatorade, grab some food, and you’re good to go. Just make sure the boss doesn’t find out, cause you’re probably at work and STILL drunk.


At 23 and a half: SH*T. I didn’t make it to work.

Your best option at this point is probably to just call your boss and let them know work has got you so stressed out that you accidentally overslept. Your chances of getting fired are slim, unless you’re a horrible employee - then that sucks. Tip: Hit up the friend you were with last night and go grab some pho (if you make it out of bed).


At 25: My head is about to explode.

You’re now at the stage where all you probably drink is wine, and with wine comes massive headaches. Make sure your medicine cabinet is stocked up with Advil, because you’re definitely going to need it. You should be fine after 2 hours.


At 27: Oh. My. God. How am I still alive?!

Pull out the Pedialyte, Gatorade, Vitamin C, Advil, tea, and whatever else you have available because this is going to feel exactly like the Vegas hangover you had when you turned 21, except it’s actually going to last all weekend this time...


At 30: I’M OLD AS F*CK, what the hell was I thinking?! Someone call the ambulance...please.

Yup. You’re on your deathbed and it’s all your fault. Get your life together, damn it. (And pull out the Pedialyte and Advil ‘cause not even a miracle is going to help at the this point.)

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