So You Want to Become an Entrepreneur?

So You Want to Become an Entrepreneur?

By Vanessa Palencia

Maybe you heard that becoming an entrepreneur is easy, or maybe you like the idea of being your own boss. Whatever the reason is, if you haven’t done your research, you may not know what you’re up against. Becoming an entrepreneur can be an exciting thing because you are building something you love (I hope), but sometimes getting started isn’t easy. You need to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the roller coaster ride you are about to get on. To make things easy for you, I’ve compiled a list of things you will need to know and do in order to be on your way to become a successful entrepreneur. Forget the myths you’ve heard about who you need to be (charismatic, passionate, and driven) and take a look at what you really need to do, and what you can really expect.

  1. You must have the will to make things happen. We all have wishes and desires for our future, but a successful entrepreneur creates their future by bringing things to life.

  2. You must build your company step-by-step. It’s common to associate entrepreneurs with jumping off a cliff and hoping for the best, but successful entrepreneurs look at their resources and plan things out to ensure the best outcome. They continue to evaluate themselves and their company with each step they take.

  3. You must be ready to be open-minded with everyone who jumps onto your team. If you don’t allow others to pitch in their ideas, instead taking a dictatorial role in your company, then your company will not flourish to its full potential.

  4. You will need to prepare yourself for an irregular schedule. You may find yourself putting in a lot more time into building your company and less time with your family and/or friends. You are in charge of your own schedule, but it’s important that you create one that works for you or else you won’t be able to stick with it.

  5. You need to be able to define your market. Who is your audience? Who are your customers? Without knowing who you’re targeting, it will make it more difficult for you to assess how well you will do and whether your product will sell. Think of it this way: if you had to pitch your idea to a corporate leader, how would you do it?

  6. You will need to rein in your pride. Sometimes your product won’t sell or your services aren’t needed. If that’s the case, sometimes it’s best to end that line and start something new. There’s a reason it isn’t selling or not doing well. Learn from that and start thinking of something else. Don’t be afraid of failures.

  7. You will fail. Learn from the mistakes that you make to create something better. Successful entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of failure. They take risks, but they make sure they know the consequences and the situations they are dealing with before they go through with something. If something doesn’t work out, don’t quit, start over again.

  8. You need to prepare yourself for a long journey. Despite all the “get rich quick” schemes, the life of an entrepreneur is difficult. It’s possible that you can experience success overnight or within a matter months, but sometimes it can be a matter of years before you start seeing things take off. The bottom line is, you need to be patient.

  9. You will need to meet deadlines. It’s easy to fall back if you are your own boss because there’s no one telling you what to do. However, if you want to see progress and see your company succeed, you will need to set deadlines for yourself and meet them. Don’t keep pushing things back. That will only create delays.

  10. You will need to socialize. We all have it in us to be winners, but these days we need connections to make things happen. As awesome as it would be to be the star of your own show, you need to meet other people who share the same visions as you to contribute to your company and/or join. If you plan on making it big, you can’t go at it alone.

Of course, these are all starting points. Each person and each situation varies, but do these things and you will be on your way to creating a better future for yourself! Best of luck to you and all your endeavors.

If you have created or are creating a business for yourself and have any personal tips, please comment below!

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