Silly Things We Believed as Children

Silly Things We Believed as Children

By Polarity Staff

Whether our parents fed us lies because they wanted us to shut up or just didn’t know the answer to our questions or whether we just came to the assumptions ourselves (kid logic, duh), we can’t deny that we all had a handful of things we believed in that couldn’t be further from the truth. Check out some of them below and comment which ones you also believed in. Did you believe in something else that isn’t on the list? Let us know!

  1. Brown cows produced chocolate milk.

  2. Strong winds and an open umbrella meant you could fly.

  3. If you swallowed seeds, a plant would grow inside you.

  4. God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt (to eat)

  5. If you kissed a girl, she got pregnant.

  6. Cooties made you ugly.

  7. If you covered your toes with a blanket, then the monster under your bed couldn’t get you.

  8. The moon was made of cheese.

  9. If I mixed water into my sister’s milk, she would die.

  10. Rain was God peeing on us.

  11. If I bit into aluminum foil, I’d die.

  12. Moms gave birth into the toilet because babies needed to know how to breathe underwater, so they don’t choke on toilet water.

  13. Drinking coffee would stunt your growth.

  14. If you swallowed gum, it would stay in your body for 7 years.

  15. If you wore black to a safari park, the animals would attack you.

  16. Drinking milk and eating pickles would make you have diarrhea.

  17. If you looked at a dog pooping, you’d get a pink eye.

  18. If you didn’t pull or crack your fingers and toes on New year’s Eve, you wouldn’t grow.

  19. If you stayed up past midnight, La Llorona would come and get you.

  20. If you had siblings, then you’re parents would forget about you and you would die.
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