The Harry Potter Fitness Series 3.0: The Liftly Hallows

The Harry Potter Fitness Series 3.0: The Liftly Hallows

By Vanessa Palencia and Nicholas Galvan

 Welcome back to the magical world of Harry Squatter!

We are pleased to inform you that you have advanced at Swollwarts School of Liftcraft and Weightsary.

With your newfound strength that you have gained in the Order of the Phitnix fitness course, you are now ready for the final level. Harry and his friends would like you to push yourselves to be the best wizard you can be by adding muscle mass to become a much more fearsome wizard. The Liftly Hallows fitness regimen is designed to help you build mass by increasing your weights and performing a more rigorous routine.

Please find enclosed a list of all necessary equipment.

Term begins on _________. We await your owl with your before and after photos no later than a month after the term has started.

Required List:

·      Access to Gymsmeade (gym membership)

·      3 cloaks of liftability (gym clothes)

·      2 levitation shoes (gym shoes)

·      Muscle potion (protein powder)

·      Energy potion (BCAAs)

·      1 month of House of Prepared Meals (meal plans)

·      Knowledge of Aguamente spell

Expelliarmus Day:

Push-press (5 sets of 8 reps)

Overhead dumbbell raise (5 sets of 8 reps)

Skull crushers (5 sets of 8 reps)

Rope push-downs (6 sets of 6 reps)

Barbell curls (5 sets of 6 reps)


Wingardium Legiosa Day:

Hack squats (6 sets of 5 reps; test your 1RM)

Barbell front squat (5 sets of 10 reps)

Standing calf-raises (5 sets of 12 reps)

Barbell deadlifts (5 sets of 6 reps)

Leg press (5 sets of 5 reps)


Backium Emendo Day:

Good mornings (5 sets of 8 reps)

Bent-over barbell row (5 sets of 5 reps)

Seated cable row (5 sets of 5 reps, test your 1RM)

Lat pulldowns (5 sets of 6 reps)

One-arm dumbbell row (5 sets of 8 reps)


Exchesto Patronum Day

Incline bench press (5 sets of 8 reps)

Dumbbell flyes (5 sets of 6 reps)

Weighted dips (5 sets to failure)

Chest flye machine crossover (5 sets of 6 reps)

Bench press (5 sets of 8 reps)


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