What We're Listening to in May

What We're Listening to in May

By Polarity Staff

Is your playlist in need of some updating? Want to listen to music from a new genre? Then look no further. Our staff has curated a playlist that will keep you bopping your head through May! Check our what we're listening to, then follow the Spotify playlist we've included for you below. Let us know in the comments what you're listening to this month!


  1. So Tied Up by Cold War Kids ft. Bishop Briggs
    If you need a song to shout along to or to sum up your perfectly toxic relationship this is it. Check out the live version for goosebumps.

  2. My Song 5 by Haim
    “My Song 5” has everything: a killer bass line, an eccentric drum beat, and just enough R&B and 80s influences to make you want to throw things and angry dance all at once.  

  3. Little One by Highly Suspect
    “Little One” is arguably one of the best tracks off Highly Suspect’s new album. Equally heartbreaking and anthemic, it will leave you breathless and emotional.

  4. High by Sir Sly
    This song is deceptively upbeat at first listen, but the lyrics and instrumentals prove that it’s actually dark, electric, and raw. It’ll definitely leave you on a high note (pun intended).

  5. Way It Goes by Hippo Campus
    The mellow vibes on this track will inspire visions of lazy and hazy summer days at the beach. Hippo Campus keep things cool with quirky with this song.


  1. Make Me Fade by K.Flay
    K.Flay is blowing up my Spotify lately. You should check out her new album, Every Where is Some Where. She has a very unique voice and lyrics that have me coming back for more.

  2. Dazed by You by PINS
    I saw these girls open up for The Subways in San Francisco. So glad I did. Great sound, great style, and a very nice band. Happy to say, they signed my PINS shirt :). This is my favorite song by them.

  3. Quiet Little Voices by We Were Promised Jetpacks
    I was introduced to this band last year, and this song always gets stuck in my head. The album this song came from (These Four Walls) has a pretty sad theme to it, but worth the listen.

  4. Speakers Push the Air by Pretty Girls Make Graves
    This song sums up how I feel when I hear an awesome song and “nothing else matters when I turn it up loud”.

  5. Atmosphere by Joy Division
    Joy Division will always be a staple in my Spotify playlists. This song calms me and makes me feel like I’m walking in a whimsical forest. It will be a must-play at my funeral.


  1. The Less I Know the Better by Tame Impala
    This is such an amazing, feel-good song despite it’s relatively sad lyrics. Ever stalk someone so hard that you found out something you wish you didn’t? This song will help you through that and more.

  2. Passionfruit by Drake
    I’m late to this song, but it lives up to hype. Man, Drake knows what he’s doing.

  3. ELEMENT. by Kendrick Lamar
    It was not easy to narrow down my picks from DAMN, but something about Element stands out; he made it sexy.

  4. Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez
     I try not to listen to this song too much because it’s so powerful in terms of nostalgia. If you’re a One Tree Hill fan, you’ll recognize it and melt as I do. Proceed with caution on this one.

  5. Lost by Frank Ocean
    I adore Frank’s strange style and really like his new stuff, but Lost is a favorite which finds its way onto every playlist I make.


  1. Song Goes Off by Trey Songz
    Can’t seem to walk away from your ex and are constantly imagining yourself getting back with them? Then this song’s the one for you. It’ll definitely get you in your feels.

  2. Teenage Fever by Drake
    This one seems to be all over the place, and it's narrated in that exact way. It's all about indecisiveness and immaturity, hence, teenage fever. It's your typical "in-the-feels" Drake.

  3. Games We Play by Trey Songz
    This song speaks pretty closely to me, mainly because I think my generation can really identify with it. It’s back and forth, stay and leave; playing games, essentially.

  4. Losin Control by Russ
    I’m all about songs that tell a story and really get you in the feels (clearly), and I think this one’s definitely one of those. This one definitely talks to women who are afraid to love again.

  5. Breaking the Law by Emeli Sandé
    This song is on my bedtime playlist, which also means it’s played on my “me time + wine” nights. The guitar combined with her voice is soothing, the lyrics not so much, so be warned.


  1. Sweet Creature by Harry Styles
    Harry is the most recent of the former boyband, One Direction, to have released god-sent music, my most favorite of them being “Sweet Creature.” It’s a very tranquil love song with some folk roots.

  2. Come Alive by Lauren Daigle
    This is a Christian song for all those who are religious. Lauren’s stunning voice is filled with such yearning for Jesus and brings chills to your spine with its overall message.

  3. Even If by MercyMe
    Another Christian song that really brings hope into your life. If you’re going through some tough times and are getting frustrated, this song is a must-listen.

  4. The Climb by Miley Cyrus
    A country pop ballad that sings about life’s difficult journey, it’s definitely a motivational message you’ll want to listen to. It brings back your attention to why you’re doing what you’re doing and helps you power through.

  5. Heart Vacancy by The Wanted
    Ever been hurt repeatedly and single for so long that you’re constantly living in fear about letting someone else in? Even if that person is most likely everything you’ve been looking for? Then this song will resonate with you on an intimate level. Sung from the perspective of the partner knocking on your door, The Wanted serenade you with all the hope and trust you need to break down that barrier.

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