Why You Shouldn't Live in Fear

Why You Shouldn't Live in Fear

By Vanessa Palencia

Boston, April 2013

Paris, November 2015

Brussels, March 2016

Orlando, June 2016

Nice, July 2016

Turkey, December 2016

Westminster, March 2017

Manchester, May 2017

Philippines, May 2017

London, June 2017

So many attacks have happened in recent years. So much fear is being instilled in each of us. But I want you to ask yourself, by cancelling those vacation plans you had for this summer, are you you allowing those terrorists to win? Are we giving them what they want if we give up on our dreams to travel and meet new people? Aren’t we allowing them to control us if we live in fear? And if they are successful in controlling us, then what else will they succeed in? Do we want them to succeed?

My family and I have plans to travel to London later this week and after news of the London attacks, we had other family members trying to convince us to stay. But my partner had the perfect response, “If we tell our son that we can’t go to London anymore and cancel all of our vacation plans because it’s not safe out there, then what will we be teaching him?”

We were born to live our lives to the fullest. Whether that’s eating two tubs of ice cream every day, running 5 miles on a weekly basis, or traveling as much as you can, we were meant to spread our wings, and by living in fear, we are cutting those wings off. By living in fear, we are committing a spiritual suicide. Yes, we need to be careful and aware of our surroundings because this world isn’t all rainbows and sprinkles, but don’t allow your fear to overtake you and prevent you from being happy. You’ll never grow and you’ll never learn.  

Continuing with life is a testament to the human spirit. We aren't called to cower in fear, but to overcome it. When we rise above our fears, we show our attackers that they cannot oppress us. By continuing to travel and enjoy yourself, you aren't trampling on the memories of those that are gone, you are showing that they didn't die in vain.

Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert is the perfect example of how we should react in times like this. Instead of barring ourselves behind our windows, we arrived to gather once again to not only remember those who died but to also demonstrate that through it all, we are united. So long as we rise against our fears, there is hope. Dealing with the attacks is another issue, but we cannot lose our hope, humanity, and love for each other as nations, countries, and people.  

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