Lyrics that Changed Our Lives

Lyrics that Changed Our Lives

By Polarity Staff

Raise your hand if you ever found yourself looking dramatically out a rain splattered window while a sad song played and pretended you were in a music video.

Silly imaginations aside, music really has a way of setting a mood and helping people through tough times. It certainly has helped the Polarity Staff get over trying times. Here are the lyrics that have helped us get through the worst and best times of our lives. Leave a comment below (or on Facebook and Instagram) about lyrics that have changed your lives!


The Jonas Brothers Feat. Miley Cyrus “Before the Storm”
Thinkin’ back to where we started
And how we lost all that we are
We were young and times were easy
But I could see it’s not the same
Standing here but you don’t see me
Give it all for that to change

I was pregnant at 16. You can imagine the difficult times that came with it, but I think that the most life-changing experience for me was when I reflected back on the easier times and realized that not everyone who was meaningful to you at one point will walk with you at every stage of your life. There comes a time when there’s a fork in the road and you both diverge onto new paths never to see each other again.

Selena Gomez “The Heart Wants What it Wants”
You got me sippin' on something
I can't compare to nothing
I've ever known, I'm hoping
That after this fever I'll survive
I know I'm acting a bit crazy
Strung out, a little bit hazy
Hand over heart, I'm praying
That I'm gonna make it out alive

When I entered into the relationship that I’m in now, things didn’t start off very smoothly.  I knew that as soon as I stepped into his hands I would enter into chaos, but I did so willingly because the love I felt and the vision I saw for us was great. I prayed that everything would be okay, and I cried to this song every single night.

Taylor Swift “Ours”
And it's not theirs to speculate,
If it's wrong and,
Your hands are tough but they are where,
Mine belong and,
I'll fight their doubt and give you faith with this song for you

When my boyfriend and I were officially together, I heard from my family left and right reasons why we shouldn’t be. But I didn’t care because I knew that all that mattered was that I was happy with him. I saw my future in him, so other people’s opinions didn’t matter, and this song just solidified my emotions.


La Roux  “Let Me Down Gently”
You’re not my life but I want you in it

I was the cringey girl who would make a crush/boyfriend my world. Everything revolved around them because I saw them as being my life. Even writing that made me cringe. This song is about breaking up, but once I heard this line, it completely changed the way I go about being in relationships now. Yes, I love the person, but I won’t let that interfere with everything else going on in my life. Never again will I claim that a guy is my world or my life.

Marina and the Diamonds “I Am Not a Robot”
You're vulnerable, you're vulnerable
You are not a robot
You're loveable, so loveable
But you're just troubled
Guess what? I'm not a robot, a robot
Guess what? I'm not a robot, a robot

I’ve only discussed with very few people about a previous unhealthy and emotionally-abusive relationship I was in. I won’t go into too much detail, but at one point, I discovered that his nickname for me when talking to others was “the robot”. To this day, I have trouble talking about emotions, showing my real emotions, or giving my opinions without feeling anxious. I’m a lot better at it through writing. These lyrics serve as a reminder that I’m actually human.


Ashanti “Foolish”
See my days are cold without you
But I’m hurtin’ while I’m with you
And though my heart can’t take no more
I keep on runnin’ back to you

I was young, and thought I was in love. Unfortunately, my first love wasn’t the best one either, as expected. I was in an emotionally abusive and patronizing relationship and always justified his actions. Regardless of my friends’ advice, I always defended him whilst knowing they were right. It wasn’t until my friend sat me down and had me listen to this song that I realized I was a reflection of it. I was played with and taken advantage of, and though I learned my lesson the hard way, I came out winning because I knew my worth.

Trey Songz “Games We Play”
Don't even know what to call this shit
Do we even know what honest is?
Mend all the broken promises
Then we go back and love again
I miss my best friend, yeah, yeah
Please let me back in, yeah, yeah
She cry on my shoulder, I lay in her arms
Just like that, we back on, games we play

Playing games, intentionally or unintentionally is one of the worst methods of torture because you’re always confused, conflicted, and sad. That was my life for about two years, give or take. There was no communication, no honesty, and no trust. I was in love but too afraid to express it, and that in itself was another form of torture. It wasn’t until multiple call-outs and self-checks that I realized the nature of the relationship and the toxicity we were both experiencing. After a huge fight that caused distance, both him and I were able to talk about what we each needed and work from there.

Kirk Franklin “Wanna be Happy?”
I just wanna be happy
But if I keep on doing the things
That keep on bringing me pain

There's no one else I can blame
If I'm not happy
Wasted time but now I can see
The biggest enemy it was me

So I'm not happy

I was listening to the radio once when I was experiencing one of the lowest points of my life thus far. I wasn’t even close to being happy and the reason why was in my control, but I was choosing to do nothing about it. This song came on in too perfect timing because it felt like it was speaking to me directly. To this day, when I’m feeling low or conflicted, I listen to this song. Not only because it brings me back to a difficult memory and feeling that I don’t wish to experience again, but because it helps me understand if the situation is in my control, and if it is, why I’m not choosing to change it and be happy instead.


Mumford and Sons “Timshel” 
But you are not alone in this
And you are not alone in this
As brothers we will stand and we'll hold your hand

When my anxiety got really, really bad a few years ago, I felt completely alone. I felt like nobody could see or understand what I was going through, but Mumford and Sons reminded me with this song that even if they don’t completely understand your struggles, your loved ones will always be there for you.

Ivan and Alysoha “Don’t Lose Your Love”
Don't ever lose your innocence
Don't you lose that heart
Don't you lose your confidence
Oh, but most of all
Don't lose your love

Growing up, I was a huge optimist. I always saw the bright side, looked for the good things in others, and had high hopes for the future. But around college, I had become a cynic. There were terrible things happening in the world, and I had been hurt so many times by the people in my life. This song reminded me that I couldn’t let what people did to me define and change me.

Noah and the Whale “Blue Skies”
This is a. song for anyone with a broken heart
This is a song for anyone who can't get out of bed
I'll do anything to be happy
Oh, 'cause blue skies are coming
But I know that it's hard

Noah and the Whale (PLEASE GET BACK TOGETHER) really knew how to get me feeling feelings more deeply than I ever could on my own. This breakup song was equal parts heartbreaking and hopeful, and it really helped me to see that even the saddest of days have to make way for brighter tomorrows.

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