10 Inspirational Women on Instagram You Should Follow Immediately

10 Inspirational Women on Instagram You Should Follow Immediately

By Vanessa Palencia

It can be so easy to clutter our Instagram accounts with images and people that don’t encourage us to create a positive mindset. According to a study, the average social media user will spend about 5 years of their life on their social media accounts! That’s an awful lot of time spent plugged in! But if we’re going to be spending this kind of time glued to our phones, tablets, and computers, then we should make an effort to ensure that we surround ourselves with as many uplifting, positive messages and people as we can. In the midst of all the cloudy, depressing images that can be found on Instagram, these accounts will give you a breath of fresh air. I’m a very appreciative follower of these phenomenal ladies and have personally benefitted from their wonderful posts and messages. So with that said, read on, and I hope that you find as much inspiration in them as I have!

1. Erica Carrico

She’s here to make you realize your potential. She asks deep, thought-provoking questions that will have you digging deeper into your brain to find answers to the person you want and believe you should be. If you’re feeling lost, then you’ll definitely want to head over to her account.


2.  Jenna Kutcher

This woman is so real and so honest. She’s been through trying times and is a prime example of someone who chooses to turn those times into something good and continues to look toward the brighter side of things. Whether you like it or not, she will pluck your heartstrings and challenge you to love yourself despite rough circumstances. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s a photographer, so her photos are beyond gorgeous!


3. Diane Garza

Yes, this is a leadership coaching company, but this account is managed by the founder and CEO herself, the beautiful Diane Garza! This account will not fail in inspiring and motivating you to be the best version of yourself. If she’s not posting a photo with a moving quote, then she’s sharing her stories and insight on how we can overcome life’s obstacles and focus on our goals. She challenges us to bring more positivity into our lives and leave behind our excuses and pessimistic thinking.  


4. Emily Elizabeth Randall

For the believers of Christ! An equal dose of nature’s beauty, inspirational quotes, and gratefulness, Emily reminds you to appreciate life and points out all of God’s blessings.


5. Hailey Bettencourt

Hailey is a true bad-ass. On top of already killing the fitness game with her incredible transformation story, she is overtaking Instagram with her extreme relatability and optimistic outlook on life. True to her motto, her day-to-day life stories will encourage you to “love yourself anyway.”


6. Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa exhibits the true qualities of a girl boss and an entrepreneur. After struggling with growing her blog in 2013, Melyssa has created an explosive business that helps entrepreneurs how to start and grow their own businesses. Her account follows her as she continues to grow her business and highlights the lessons she’s learned. Her cheerfulness and inspirational posts will have you exhilarated about the day and the future ahead of you.  


7. Kirsten Alana

As a photographer, Kirsten has a flair for capturing beauty everywhere she goes. Her photos stimulate your imagination and her stories captivate the essence of the places she’s been. If you’re the kind of person who is inspired more by scenery, photography, and everything that this world has to offer, then Kirsten is the account you’ll want to follow.

 Photo Credits: Danté Vincent, Instagram: dante.vincent

Photo Credits: Danté Vincent, Instagram: dante.vincent

8. Aneta Baker

A nonprofit organization run by Aneta Baker whose purpose is to inspire women of God. Her posts consist mainly of beautiful and uplifting quotes accompanied by equally luminous photos that stimulate the creativity and boldness within us.


 9. Cassey Ho

With over 1.4 million followers, it’s no question that Cassey Ho has become an international phenomenon. Aside from promoting body confidence and challenging you to be a stronger version of yourself (she kicks my butt in every workout video!), she’s also recently joined forces with Mercedes-AMG as a demonstrative move to prove to her followers that you can and should follow your dreams! A fitness-instructor and entrepreneur, Cassey’s story is complete inspiration in itself.


10. Sara Puhto

If you’re in need of some body confidence and an Insta friend, then saggysara is for you. A 21-year-old with a mission, Sara Puhto aims to promote body confidence and reveal the truth behind “perfect” Instagram photos. She is transparent in her posts and dedicates her time to engaging with her followers by inviting them into her everyday life.

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