What We're Listening to this Month: September

What We're Listening to this Month: September

By Polarity Staff

The leaves are changing, there's a slight crispness in the air, and pumpkin spice lattes are finally back! That can only mean that its fall, and with the changing of the seasons comes a need for a new playlist. Check out what our staff is listening to this month then let us know in the comments what's on your most played list this month. 


  1. Wonderful Wonderful - The Killers
    The name says it all. I’m counting the days until The Killers’s new album is dropped because if this song is indication, it’s going to be amazing.

  2. Brazil - Declan McKenna
    Catchy and political, Declan McKenna’s first hit from 2015 may be about the turmoil in FIFA (soccer’s governing body), but its still perfect for anyone bemoaning social and political corruption.

  3. All My Life - K-Ci and JoJo
    This is one of my all time favorite songs and I’m sure I’ll love it all my life (see what i did there?). This sweet classic from K-Ci and JoJo always makes me nostalgic and wistful.

  4. Let’s Get Married - Jagged Edge
    Another oldie but goodie, this Jagged Edge standard will have you prepared for the upcoming engagement season.

  5. Faded Heart - Borns
    Borns’ quirky single about the fear of falling in love is definitely a bop.


  1. If You Let Me - Sinead Harnett, GRADES
    This song is currently in most of my playlists, mainly because I’m in love with its slow, seductive beat, and the lyrics are easy to connect to. Ever experienced a love that doesn’t reciprocate yours? Then this is definitely one to add to your playlist.

  2. Irreplaceable - Beyoncé
    Beyonce is timeless and so is this song in particular. Shoot, you can be in the most perfect relationship and still feel her anger to the bone. This song will give you the power you need to remove a toxic man from your life.

  3. Tonight (Best You Ever Had) - John Legend, Ludacris
    This one’s a classic, in my opinion. The unique intro mixed with John Legend’s amazing voice will have you wishing that tonight you’d be having the best (whatever) you’ve ever had. I’m also a little biased because this song is on Think Like A Man - which happens to have an amazing soundtrack by the way!

  4. Everyday We Lit - YFN Lucci, PnB Rock
    I haven’t gone out in what seems like ages, but this song would definitely make it onto my pre-game list. Even so, lately whenever I’m trying to get myself into a better mood, I listen to this song. It’s somewhat upbeat and the chorus is catchy too.

  5. B2L - LeToya Luckett
    Stuck in a toxic, unwanted situation(ship)? This one will definitely get you in your feels, but don’t worry! Miss LeToya understands you and comes down to the conclusion that regardless of loving him, he’s no good for her, so she needs to get back to life, back to reality.


  1. Believer- Imagine Dragons
    It’s got rhythm, it’s got beat, but best of all, it’s got a message that can help lift you up when you’re feeling down and are just fed up with the way things are going. I blast this song when I need to reignite the passion and determination to get things done and go after the goals I’ve set for myself.

  2. Anything- Hedley
    Dreamer chasers, go-getters, and risk-takers! This is your song! If you’re tired of people telling you that you’ll never get anywhere or that your dreams are too high, then play this song. You can do anything that you set your mind and heart to, and this song is a reminder and testimony to that.

  3. Believe- Cher
    I believe this is one of the few breakup songs that doesn’t leave you crying on the floor. A club-worthy, upbeat, danceable song, you can never go wrong playing this classic

  4. Heathens- Twenty-One Pilots
    Aside from it being the lead single for the movie Suicide Squad, its rap-rock melody hooks you in subtly and reminds you that even the so-called heathens, or villains, in your life have been impacted in some way to have turned out to be the way they are.

  5. To Be Human- Sia feat. Labyrinth
    A powerful and beautiful song, Sia and Labyrinth invoke our human emotions and tenderness through their vocals and slow ballad. I love this song because I see life through a new perspective and gain a new appreciation for humanity because we have the power to love. If we can find the power to push hate aside, this world would be filled with nothing but love. That’s amazing.


  1. Wonderful Wonderful - The Killers
    The Killers are back! It feels so good to say that! This is their third single from their new album with the same title. The sound of a conch shell opens up this dark, experimental,yet uplifting song. It is truly wonderful wonderful!

  2. Run for Cover - The Killers
    Did I mention The Killers are back? I’ve been playing this song on repeat for days. Fast-driven guitar and synth, with lyrics that should be read carefully (lots to analyze, anyEnglish major’s dream). Their new album is sure to be one of their best.

  3. Same Logic/Teeth - Brand New
    From Brand New’s brand new album Science Fiction. Eight years later, these guys still have it. With powerful lyrics and heavy broody riffs to accompany, this song will remain one of my favorites from the new album.

  4. Daddy Issues - The Neighbourhood
    This is one of my favorite bands and one of my favorite songs. It came out two years ago, but I still play it on repeat. The album this song is part of has a sort of beachy and hazy sound to it. The melody and Jesse’s voice makes me come back for more.

  5. Bring Me to Life (Synthesis) - Evanescence
    This version of this song popped up on my Spotify radar playlist, and all my middle school memories came back. Amy has one of the best voices I’ve heard (how does she  hit those notes?!), and this song will forever have memories attached to it.


  1. Lean Back Remix - Fat Joe, Eminem, Remy Ma, Lil Jon, Mase
    This is a throwback worth revisiting. It gets me really amped at the gym and just makes mundane tasks more fun. I may or may not “lean back” while brushing my teeth.

  2. Reminder - The Weeknd
    Amongst many others, I discovered this song pretty late. But I’m glad I did because Abel delivers with this one. I must admit, I was a little underwhelmed with some of his recent chart toppers, but this one made me remember why I love him.

  3. Lonely Together - Avicii feat Rita Ora
    I’ve been a fan of Rita Ora’s for a while so I was pretty pumped to see a couple of her songs on Spotify’s “Hot Hits” playlist. What i really like about this one is the heart in Ora’s voice and relatable sentiments that lyrics like “I may hate myself tomorrow, but I’m on my way tonight” evoke.

  4. Why - Sabrina Carpenter
    This is another that I discovered through Spotify. It’s also filled with relatable emotions along with a fun beat. I would describe it as a good add to a shower playlist if you have one.

  5. Always Alright - Alabama Shakes
    This is one of my absolute favorite songs ever. I love that it can just melt away my worries with its upbeat melody. The lyrics aren’t the most positive, but I swear you can hardly tell while dancing to it.


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