What We're Listening to This Month: February

What We're Listening to This Month: February

By Polarity Staff

How are we already on the second month of 2018??? We swear, time passes by quicker every year. Check out our latest monthly playlist and then tell us what's on yours in the comments! 


  1. Easy to Love - Ivan and Alyosha
    I’m not typically a fan of lovey-dovey stuff, but this sweet, simple love song is one that always shows up on my ever changing, secret playlist for my future wedding (it’s called planning ahead).

  2. What Would It Take - Anderson East
    Okay, so this may be from one of the 50 Shades of Grey soundtracks (aren’t there like 10 of these movies now?!), but I promise there’s no awkward, cringey dialogue here. Anderson East perfectly captures the yearning and desperation that comes with unrequited love.

  3. Nobody But You - Kimbra
    Kimbra’s jazzy head-bopper about committing to one person and the peace of mind and giddiness that comes along with that choice is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  4. One Day - Paolo Nutini
    Paolo Nutini could read all of the red marks professors left on my essays and he’d still sound beautiful and soulful. “One Day” is a song I could listen to on repeat for days at a time.

  5. Dream - Bishop Briggs
    This is Bishop Briggs at her most emotional and passionate. I can’t help but sing along at the top of my lungs to this song about the struggle to be vulnerable with the person you love.


  1. Yo! My Saint - Karen O., Michael Kiwanuka
    Anything Karen O. does is golden. This song was inspired by Korean soap operas, and what resulted is a beautiful love song.

  2. Duality - Slipknot
    This song takes me back to middle and high school. I don’t have the voice to pull off singing this, but you can bet I’ll still sing along, play my air guitar, and headbang.

  3. Lazy Boy - Franz Ferdinand
    These guys have a new album, and they never fail to bring in their classic sound mixed with new sounds. I love that I can tell just by the guitar riffs that it’s Franz Ferdinand.

  4. Kids - Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein
    So, I’m late to the game. I’m officially into Stranger Things. One thing they nailed is the music, whether it’s an original composition or not. This one is an original, and I fell in love the moment I heard it.

  5. Goodbye - Apparat, Soap&Skin
    I’m in love with the Netflix German show Dark (thanks to my friend Shawn). You know how you can skip the intro to a show? Yeah, I never skip it for this show. The song is dark, yet soothing, and the visuals go so well.


  1. Naked - Ella Mai
    Real talk, I’ve been listening to this song on and off for the past two months, and it’s mainly because it speaks for every woman who desires “more”. Listen and you’ll get it.

  2. Felices los 4 - Maluma
    I’ve been inviting Reggaeton into my life again and Maluma is one of my favorites for sure. This song speaks on Maluma wanting someone so much that he’s willing to share her with her (potential) man.

  3. Losing - H.E.R.
    Want to hear a song about the struggles surrounding modern dating? Than here you go, and you’re welcome. I’ll leave it at that.

  4. Gang Gang - Migos
    I was recently listening to their new album and this song was definitely one of my favorites. The chorus is pretty repetitive but the beat is chill and who doesn’t want to hear a song that talks about repping your crew?

  5. Sativa - Jhené Aiko
    Any song I can add to my bedtime playlist immediately becomes one of my favorites, mainly because that means it relaxes and soothes me, and that’s exactly what Sativa (the song) does to me.


  1. A Million Dreams - Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams
    Be prepared to cry. Hearing the transition from the hopeful young boy’s voice to the now-grown voice of Hugh Jackman singing of all the dreams that they carry with them and hope to one day make reality really pulls your heartstrings. It’s hard to not think of all the dreams you’ve had, and you can’t help but feel anxious in knowing that if you don’t act now, all those dreams you’ve had will never come true. This song is such an eye-opener for all those dreamers and goal-getters out there in the world.

  2. This is Me - Keala Settle
    Such an EMPOWERING song! If you’re looking for a song that builds up your confidence and reminds you to not care what others think, then this is exactly what you’re looking for!

  3. Walking the Wire - Imagine Dragons
    Perfect for Valentine’s Day or just anytime you want to play this song to your partner. It’s a beautiful song that sings about how love is about “tak[ing] what comes” and “walking the wire” together as a couple and defeating all the obstacles that life throws your way.

  4. River - Eminimen ft. Ed Sheeran
    The vocals and the beat are amazing! But add in a truly heartbreaking, heartfelt message about admitting to all your sins, including an abortion, and you leave feeling awe struck.

  5. Weed & Memories - Jean Michael
    I normally don’t listen to music like this, but I couldn’t help but be captivated by the melody and the poignant message of the overwhelming grief of a lost loved one. Even if you haven’t lost a loved one, the powerful emotions behind this song mixed with the beautiful melody makes this a song to rem

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