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 Courtesy of Claire Chong, 2017

Courtesy of Claire Chong, 2017

Here at Polarity, we believe that the strength of a woman stems from both their unique individuality and the solidarity of diverse, meaningful relationships with other women. Because of that, we are fueled by the passion to inspire you to grow, learn, and succeed in everything that you do.

We realize that by sharing our stories, we can help empower and encourage others; because while every woman’s experience is different, we all can share in the lessons we’ve learned from our struggles. We’re not your average magazine because we don’t want to be. We may not all be certified experts, but we’ve actually lived through the experiences we write about - and for the most part, came out stronger. We’ve been there before. If we haven’t, then we’ll get through it together. So no matter what you choose to be in life, we’ll help you make meaning of life’s chaos. That’s what Polarity is all about. Helping and learning together.

And if you share your story with us, you can find comfort in knowing that your message will always be yours. We only edit for grammar and concision. We do our best to ensure that your overall message and meaning is never stripped because we understand the value in preserving every woman’s voice.

So ladies, welcome to Polarity Magazine.

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