Where words spark conversation.

Courtesy of Claire Chong, 2017

Courtesy of Claire Chong, 2017

Everyone has something to say, but it’s hard to get the message across sometimes. That’s why we founded Polarity Magazine. We wanted to create a place to share thoughts that are authentic, personal, and unfiltered. Polarity focuses on being a voice for those who feel silenced, unaccepted, or judged. Polarity believes in the power of words - honest and uncensored. Here at Polarity, everything is raw – we only edit for grammar and clarity. What you see is the truth. Our writers bare all, and we hope that you can relate or learn from what we share.

Polarity is about being a part of the culture, while hoping to improve it. We recognize that there are many issues our generation faces, so we’re using this as a platform to address them and start a conversation. And conversation is empowering.

Polarity is more than a fresh, fun platform for original content. It’s a place to accept your flaws, empower yourself and others, own up to your mistakes, and seek self-improvement. Polarity writers strive for the change they’d like to be and see.

We are here to remind you that we are all different, and that is okay. We write to all people and for all people, regardless of skin color, religious beliefs, social class, and sexual orientation. We believe that unity among society is the foundation to a better and more fulfilling lifestyle, because those who stand together cannot be stopped.